Evolucio Board

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From January 2019 on, the Evolucio Board will consist of three graduates of Leiden University College The Hague, filling the role of President, Vice-President and Past-President.

This bears similarity with the functioning of the rotating presidency of Council of the EU. For those who don’t know: in the EU every six months one of the 28(-1) member states of the European Union set the agenda in line with something they find important. Austria, for example, decided to focus on (stopping) immigration into the EU during their presidency in the second half of 2018. They work together with the previous and next ‘presidents’ to make sure policies are not entirely reversed immediately after.

The Evolucio board will work the same. At any given time there are three people on the board, who want to work on some specific problem relating to LUC and alumni they find important – for example: getting more career advice for alumni, or thinking about the role of Alumni into the Scholarship fund.

To make sure you can actually achieve something: you will be appointed for three years: starting as Vice-President, then President and finally guarding your legacy as Past-President. The selection committee will change every year, so we get a board that truly reflects the interests of the alumni in LUC.

At the beginning of each year, a new graduate will be nominated to join the board for a period of three years (more on selection procedure below). The person will first serve as Vice-President, then President and finally as Past-President to ensure a consistency in policies.

As an independent organisation for and by LUC alumni, the Evolucio board is in the unique position to pursue specific goals for the alumni community, LUC students and the future of the college. As this is an important aspect of the nomination procedure, each new boardmember will start their Presidency with a specific goal in mind to work on during that year.

Themes of the Evolucio board(have) include(d):

  • Getting Evolucio started again (role of alumni in LUC community)
  • Promoting socio-economic diversity at LUC (role of alumni with scholarships)
  • Connecting Evolucio (how to best connect expertises of alumni with each other)

Selection procedure:

A varying selection committee will nominate a boardmember based on their motivation, previous experiences (in- and outside of LUC), and envisioned theme of their Presidency. Please declare your candidacy through this link.

For January 2019, the Evolucio Board is looking for two new members:

  • Vice-President
  • President 

The Evolucio board aims to be diverse and representative for the people that make up the college and its graduates. To ensure this, representatives of different groups of the LUC Community will be part of the selection committee each year.

Previous Boards: