Evolucio Board

The current Evolucio Board consist of six graduates of Leiden University College The Hague.

As an independent organisation for and by LUC alumni, the Evolucio board is in the unique position to pursue specific goals for the alumni community, LUC students and the future of the college. As this is an important aspect of the nomination procedure, each new board member has a specific role and goal in mind, to work on during their time in the baord.

Central themes that the Evolucio board has been including, are:

  • Getting Evolucio started (role of alumni in LUC community)
  • Promoting socio-economic diversity at LUC (role of alumni with scholarships)
  • Connecting Evolucio (how to best connect alumni with each other)

If you have any input on any of these themes or feel that there is something else that Evolucio should get involved with, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Board members















Edward van der Hout — Board member (Chair)

After helping Felipe van de Kerkhof revive Evolucio in 2019, Edward has taken over the position of chair in the expanded board of 2020. Back at LUC often enough that Lieke Schreel once asked whether he “had a life”, Edward is filled with passion for the college and its graduates. His goal as chair is to make Evolucio something that every LUC graduate will be proud of and will be able to turn to when needed. Currently a MSc student in Industrial Ecology at Leiden & Delft, Edward has stuck close to his EES roots. He currently enjoys reading in the sun, playing with data, and can often be found in the kitchen. 
















Reinout Huizer – Board member (Lustrum) 

After graduating LUC in 2016 with a major in International Development, Reinout pursued a master degree in Urban and Economic Geography at Utrecht University. Reinout currently works at the Dutch Ministery of the Interior and Kingdom Relations as a Rijkstrainee. He joined Evolucio in 2020 as Lustrum Coordinator and is in charge of the involvement of alumni in the celebrations of the 10th anniversary of LUC. 

Christine Nikander














Christine Nikander – Board member (Communications) 

After graduating LUC in 2016 with a major in International Justice, Christine pursued a master degree in Environmental Law in Edinburgh. She then spent a few years working for a large law firm in Amsterdam. She’s currently employed as legal counsel to a social enterprise called “Roots Studio, and works and independent jurist. During the pandemic, she has focused a lot on her art, which takes many shapes and forms including linocuts, photography, and children’s illustrations. Her favorite memory from her time at LUC was the weekend she spent visiting her AvB neighbor’s “home home”.

Sofie Kintcheva














Sofie Kincheva – Board member (Communications) 

After graduating LUC in 2018 with a major in World Politics, Sofie stayed at LUC, working in the recruitment & communications office. At the same time, she did a pre-master Linguistics, so she could start the MA Linguistics: Language and Communication in 2019. She just started an internship at an Amsterdam based start-up focused on making all audio accessible through transcriptions, subtitling and captioning. During the pandemic, she picked up making granola; her current favorite recipe is this one. Her favorite memory from LUC is the time she spent on the Coasters Board, especially the TuesYays and Thursdaze events.

Laura Ombelet

Laura Ombelet – Board member (Events) 

After graduating LUC in 2017 with a major in Governance, Economics and Development, Laura worked at the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism. In September 2019, she moved back to the UK For a masters in Development Administration and Planning at UCL, and has recently started as a programme coordinator at the World Resources Institute, focusing on the Circular Economy. Her pandemic-hobby has been sewing, which is a skill she uses to upcycle old materials, bringing the philosophy from her job home. Her favorite LUC memory is the pub crawl in her first year.

Maxime Boumans













Maxime Boumans – Board member (Hubs) 

After graduating LUC in 2016 with a major in Global Public Health, Maxime did two Master’s, one in Infectious Disesases, and one in Disaster Management. Since 2019, she’s started working for Doctors Without Borders at their Amsterdam HQ. During the Pandemic, she’s been creative, painting, punch needling and baking her way through the lockdowns. Her favorite memory from LUC was from her first year, when they all attended a lecture by Jaap de Hoop-Scheffer in their PJ’s.