Alumni Spotlight: Nynke Blömer on interacting with policy makers, UNEP–WCMC, & her passion for bee-keeping

Profile Name:                                   Nynke Blömer Nationality:                          Dutch Year of graduating:             2016 Major:                        […]

Alumni Spotlight: Frenkchris Sinay on IJ, Dutch Law, and International Organizations

    Profile   Name:                                     Frenkchris Sinay Citizenship:                           Dutch Year of graduating:              2017 Major:                                     International Justice (IJ)   Interview   Tessel van der Putte: Frenkchris, when I think of a driven and hardworking friend from LUC, you are literally the first person that pops to mind. We both lived on floor ten and you were […]

Alumni Spotlight: Tessel van der Putte about Life, Art, and Evolucio’s New Media & Communications Officer

This month’s alumni spotlight features Tessel van der Putte (class of 2016), who also happens to be our new Media and Communications Officer for Evolucio. Edward sat down with her to talk about what she’s been up in the past four years, and what she envisions for these spotlights going forward. If you are interested […]

Alumni Spotlight: Jacinta Hamley Sailed to the COP!

Evolucio, the LUC Alumni Association, called with Jacinta Hamley from the Class of 2019 to talk about activism and her experiences with “Sail to the COP”. This is part of a larger series of “portraits” of Alumni. Want to be featured, have questions for Jacinta, or about alumni in general? Do not hesitate to reach […]

Announcing the New Board of 2020

For the year 2020 the Evolucio board has seen both a shift in structure as well as size. Reflecting on our previous triple-Presidency model we realized that although the idea was great, it had several drawbacks that hindered the growth of our institution. We hope to address these by shifting to a more traditional board […]

Alumni Spotlight: Jori Wefer on her Sustainable Business

On behalf of Evolucio, Lone Mokkenstorm from the Class of 2017    sat down with Jori Wefer from the Class of 2014 to talk about life after college and her sustainable start-up. This is part of a larger series of “portraits” of Alumni. Want to be featured, have questions for Jori, or about alumni in […]

Evolucio alumni board 2020

Do you care about LUC and alumni? Do you want to improve their relationship? For 2020 we are looking for  new board. Apply to one of the roles below:  President Coordinate strategy Evolucio. Preside over meetings with Evolucio board. Point of contact for meetings with LUC. Represent LUC in as many official alumni events as […]

Alumni Spotlight: Jasmin Cantzler on Combining Policy and Sustainability

Evolucio, the LUC Alumni Association, sat down with Jasmin Cantzler, Governance Major from the Class of 2013 to talk about life after college and her work. This is part of a larger series of “portraits” of Alumni. Want to be featured, have questions for Jasmin, or about alumni in general? Do not hesitate to reach […]

Invitation Inspire the Students 2019

Inspire the Students Inspire the Students is LUC’s annual Student-Alumni event where current LUC students have the opportunity to learn from our growing alumni base’s experiences after graduation with regard to internships, master programmes, and careers.   Crossing Borders This year’s event will be centered around a phenomenon LUC students are all too familiar with: […]

Class of 2014: Five Years On!

On the 25th of May 2019, the Class of 2014 reunited at Instock in The Hague, nearly five years after graduating. Some of them took the invitation as an excuse to come together for more than just the evening, and in little groups they arrived at the restaurant. Joining about a quarter of the Class […]