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First London meet-up

Last Saturday May 6th, the first official LUC check-in took place in Shoreditch in London. LUC alumni from all years were present – some of them already part of the work force whereas others were still studying. The event was hosted by LUC representative dr. David Zetland (Assistant Professor in Economics at LUC The Hague) to have a drink, catch up with old friends, meet new people and learn about some of the developments of LUC.

UK Alumni Meeting 06-05-2017

Picture by Tessel van der Putte

Alumni network and international chapters
Through Evolucio the increasing number of LUC graduates are able to stay in touch with fellow LUC students from different generations, learn from each other’s experiences, and ask for advice when needed. This way you can benefit from the community long after you graduate. Next to organizing interesting events and lectures in The Hague, Evolucio is organizing different international LUC check-ins for graduates who are pursuing a career abroad.

The first of these international meet-ups was in London. A logical choice, as the British capital is a favoured destination for many graduates of LUC. Many of the LUC graduates started pursuing post-graduate degrees from some of the world-class universities in the city of London (LSE, King’s College, UCL) or started working there. Furthermore, London is also a logical choice as it is well connected with the rest of the UK and even the European continent (for now).

UK Alumni Meeting 06-05-2017_2

Picture by Tessel van der Putte

Results Evolucio Winter Gathering

An important step in the development of LUC is staying in touch with you, our alumni. To centralize these efforts, Annemieke van Ast (LUC Recruitment and Communication), David Zetland (Assistant Professor of Economics) and Felipe van de Kerkhof (LUC The Hague Class of 2016) are now working on further developing Evolucio. The first of the new Evolucio 2.0 events was organized on December 17th of last year, it was great seeing so many of you again!

The alumni were welcomed by Lieke Schreel (Educational Director), who’s been involved with LUC from the start. Everyone was then invited to participate in focus groups to talk about their expectations of the alumni network and their experiences after leaving LUC.

In general you stressed you wanted to have the opportunity to continue learning and meeting up with your LUC peers, both formally and informally and in different alumni chapters in big LUC hubs (like London, Edinburgh, Berlin). In the meetings it became clear that the alumni expected LUC to take the lead in setting up these kind of events.

The alumni enjoyed receiving the newsletters and alumni spotlights. Furthermore, it was mentioned that you would like to be kept up to date about special achievements of professors and students, and be introduced to new staff members. Long story short: you want to be kept up to date with what was going on at LUC.

Finally, it was stressed you would love to see some sort of infrastructure in place where you can ask each other for advice, share experiences, and communicate job openings with each other.

We appreciate your feedback and have taken a few first steps towards meeting your wishes:

  • The first UK alumni event will take place on the 6th of May in London. Read more…
  • The alumni newsletter will be sent out every two months (with an occassional special edition in between)
  • On the 19th of April we are organising an alumni panel session about Capstone Experiences to bring LUC alumni and current students together. Read more…
  • The LUC LinkedIn network is being improved and now offers new opportunities for LUC alumni to connect. Read more…

To stay connected with alumni university wide, check out the Leiden University Mentor Network.

Please find an overview of Evolucios Workchart below:

Alumni Infographic

Download full size PDF

Comments and suggestions are always welcome!

Save the Date: 6 May 2017 – London Gathering

Banner London_small

Please save the date for our first official alumni get-together in London!
We would like to invite all our alumni who are currently living in the UK to join us for drinks on the 6th of May.

LUC is hosting it’s first alumni gathering of the year, starting with London! Dr. David Zetland, Economics teacher and academic adviser at LUC, will be there representing Evolucio/LUC.

Join us for some nice drinks, and an opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet some new friends. We hope you can make it, receive an update on LUC news, learn about how to get involved in forming our London chapter, and be part of the first LUC reunion!

To register for the drinks reception, please sign up here.
After registration we will keep you up to date about the time and location of the event.

Share your capstone experiences

Capstone Session_smallWe are organising a panel session on the 19th of April to bring together our alumni and current students. The Class of 2017 is currently working on their capstone projects and it would be great if they could learn from your experiences.

Date: Wednesday 19 April 2017
Location: LUC The Hague Auditorium

12.30 – 13.30         Lunch (alumni only)
13.30 – 14.30         Panel session

If you would like to share your experiences and give advice to our current students, please send an email to

We look forward to hearing from you!

Welcome to the alumni community, Class of 2015!

The Graduation of the Class of 2015 took place on Friday the 3rd of July at the Koninklijke Schouwburg in The Hague. Below is the speech that Christine Everaars, board member of Evolucio, performed during the ceremony.

Good afternoon all! 

A bit less than five years ago, LUC courses started at Lange Voorhout, with only a small amount of students and professors. The first two years were fun, but LUC was still in baby shoes. In september 2012, you guys joined and made LUC to one whole, with students in all stages of the programme. 

Since that time, a lot has changed for you. Let’s start with the most obvious change, which the class representative also mentioned: moving from Lange Voorhout to the Anna van Buerenplein. From one beautiful characteristic building, to the also beautiful but definitely less characteristic one. You guys changed this. With your committee, college and other activities you gave colour to this building. Even though AvB did not always become more beautiful after your parties, it definitely became more characteristic… 

But there was more; you moved from being introduction week ducklings, to introduction week mommies and daddies, and eventually to those who didn’t really care about introduction week (except for the BBQ, of course). You changed from being first, to second to third years (some of you even fourth years). From being newbies to experts.

Just a few minutes ago, another thing has changed: You just moved from LUC to our alumni society, Evolucio. Because even though you leave LUC, that does not mean that LUC leaves you: that is one thing that does not change. Together, we want to stay connected online and offline, and we hope to see you on many of our events. 

To show that life after LUC is also full of choices, options and changes, we have compiled a short video of alumni life. Enjoy and welcome to the alumni community!


Welcome to the alumni community, Class of 2014 ½!

As of Wednesday, the Evolucio community is a few alumni richer. The graduates of the class of 2014 and a half, experienced a very personal send-off by LUC. After reminiscing on the adventures, high and low points and other memories of these graduates, they were welcomed by Luc van der Stegen as the new batch of Evolucio alumni. We want to congratulate Anita Awolaja, Judith Bayer, Elizabeth Bogaert, Casey Bryan, Kaiyuan Chen, Vanessa Escoto, Su Jeong Ji (Suji), Freya Koci , Miika Korja, Maria Madland, Matthew McEveety, Madeleine McMurray (Maddi), Joes de Natris, Taymur Mustafa, and Sarah Wildeboer with receiving their bachelor’s degree. We wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavours! Below is the speech that Luc performed during the ceremony.


Honourable guests, LUC staff and students, and lastly, my graduates, friends and febbies,

Last summer, Georgina gave this speech, and she started off saying that a lot of things had changed since the previous, first speech of our Alumni association which was given for the first graduation of Leiden University College– for one, she mentioned, her hair was a whole lot shorter. Well, my hair has stayed the same, I actually go to the exact same place, to the exact same lady in Chinatown to get my exact same hair cut for the past 4 years. I might have slipped up once.

A few other things have also stayed the exact same since; EVOLUCIO has organized an Alumni dinner every year, EVOLUCIO has skated on ice every year and EVOLUCIO has welcomed each batch of LUC’ers into its community. And this community, you’ll be part of it everywhere, you can go anywhere, and the community will still be with you, provided you’ll be in London or the Netherlands. Or our newest regional expansion; Taiwan.

 But let’s go back to when you guys were barely here: I observed your little group awkwardly from afar, slightly like a baby giraffe, some would characterize me. I can remember that you were sitting together in the common room of our shared student housing, conversing quite animatedly (they were yelling), and I was a little bit skeptical of what was happening with this rowdy bunch. I didn’t expect to get to know them, you, as soon as I did, I expected it even less than one would expect the Spanish inquisition.

It would only be several weeks later that I was walking around on the third floor of the Klok (our student housing), the night before the Earth exam and in the middle of the hallway, I encountered this table with two girls studying at it. And right away, they pulled up a chair and invited me to their little last minute studying session. And then I knew that I had become a part of this little, warm and very very welcoming community of febbies (the name that the February intake students adopted themselves). In the same way, I would now like to pull up a few extra chairs for you guys and invite you to our new shared table; EVOLUCIO and on behalf of the whole EVOLUCIO board, invite you to all future EVOLUCIO events to come.


If you ever have any questions or would like to connect to your fellow graduates, or have a cool idea for an event, don’t hesitate to drop a line, and we’ll see you on our events, facebookpage and webpage.



Welcome to the alumni community, Class of 2014!

The Graduation of the Class of 2014 took place this past Saturday at the Koninklijke Schouwburg . Below is the speech that Georgina Kuipers, board member of Evolucio, performed during the ceremony.


Dear fellow alumni, ladies and gentlemen,

As some of you may remember, there was a similar sort of ceremony about a year ago. Lots of things have changed since then — for one, my hair is a whole lot shorter. But in all seriousness, a lot of things have also stayed the same. As Hilde said last year, we might’ve left LUC, but LUC hasn’t left us. One way through which that happened was through our alumni community Evolucio. We hosted events and kept in touch with the alumni both in real life and online.

You see, the Class of 2013 were always the guinea pigs, testing the waters. And although we grew very close in our first year at LUC, it was pretty nice to have the Class of 2014 join us. It really felt like a natural progression for LUC to expand. And that’s why we’re so happy that, after having been alumni guinea pigs for a year, we will be joined once again by the Class of 2014. From all of us, a huge congratulations to all the graduates.

The growth of our alumni community is also reflected in the composition of the new board of Evolucio. The new board consists of Christine, Danny, Eline, Hilde, Jake, Luc, Odette, Pieter and myself! With this board, we will enter a new phase in the development of LUC’s alumni community, and I’m very confident that the board is ready to organize more events and further develop our virtual and physical presence.

And finally, to show you that life after LUC is diverse and you can end up in many different places, we compiled some footage. 

Enjoy and welcome to our community!



PS: You’ll soon be able to read more about the new Board here!

Graduation of the Class of 2013 ½

Even though it seemed a normal Wednesday afternoon in February, the first floor of the Anna van Buerenplein was filled with balloons, people dressed up LUC style and a few students running around nervously in gaps and gowns. Maybe this day was not like any other after all. It was the fifth of February 2014 to be precise, which marked both a finish line as well as a new beginning for six LUC students. During their own graduation ceremony, Raila, Daphne, Laura, Werner, Mandy and Veronica graduated from LUC and became the graduating Class of 2013 ½. DSC08842

The ceremony commenced with a warm welcome to the six students and their guests by the Dean of LUC, Prof. Dr. Jos Schaeken, after which the graduates’ tutors addressed them personally, reflecting on their dedication and hard work they have put into their studies throughout the past years at LUC. It was then time for the conferring of the degrees, and moving the tassle. DSC08847Christine Everaars, the Chair of Fortuna was also invited to say some words, during which she thanked the Class of 2013 ½ for helping build up this college, and Hilde Woker, the Chair of Evolucio who officially welcomed the graduates into the LUC Alumni family. The ceremony ended with the traditional throwing of the gaps, but celebrations continued during the reception afterwards (which also turned into a small alumni reunion).
As said before, this day represented both an end and a new beginning. With a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences these six graduates have finished their LUC education and – hopefully – an inspiring and incredible period of their lives. Post-LUC life has now begun and new adventures await them. We wish our newest members of the LUC Alumni community all the best for the future and hope to see them very soon at alumni events.



First Evolucio Reunion Event – 17th October 2013

Even though it has only been 4 months since we have graduated, visible things have changed at LUC, most prominently the new building. That’s why we started our first event with a tour of the brand new building at the Anna van Buerenplein. We were guided through the building by Rik and Boudewijn of the Fortuna Board and Aernout shared some of his personal ‘highlights’ such as the many white dots everywhere. During the tour a welcoming presentation was given by Christine, the new Chair of Fortuna, who showed us pictures and videos of the introduction week and the many (200!) new students. We ended the tour in the Common Room of Imane’s floor and enjoyed the amazing view. After the tour we headed to the Plein for drinks and were joined by staff and more alumni. Even though we recently graduated, we hope that these kind of events will be able to connect the graduates after LUC and we look forward to seeing you at future events!

LUC’s third Dies Natalis

The Board of Evolucio was very honoured to have been invited to the third Dies Natalis of Leiden University College. This year, it was celebrated two days prior to the actual event, as the 29th of September falls on a Sunday. Students, staff, and special guests gathered in an informal setting, in LUC’s own auditorium in the Anna van Buerenplein building. We were welcomed by Jos Schaekens, the new dean of LUC, who spoke about LUC 2.0, and how this year LUC would grow, with the necessary changes (such as himself, Freya Baetens, the new Director of Studies, a new Managing Director, and so on). He sounded very enthusiastic, and he definitely showed his dedication to LUC.

The next thing ‘on the menu,’ to quote Jos, was the book launch of Yih-Jye Hwang’s Global Challenges: Peace and War. For all alumni who haven’t heard about this book: make sure you either get a copy, or borrow one, and read the dedication, because Jay and Lucie Cerna (now back at Oxford) thank all the people who have contributed to this edited volume, but ends with thanking the students of the classes of 2013, 2014 and 2015. They dedicate the book to the students. The purpose of this book is to provide 1st years of LUC a comprehensive overview of the disciplinary theory of peace and war (in that order!), and an elaboration of the case studies. Many people at LUC whom we know have written a chapter, such as Laurens van Apeldoorn, Ann Wilson, Francesco Ragazzi, Patsy Haccou, Corina Stan, but also Eric Storm and Niels van Willigen, and of course Yih-Jye Hwang and Lucie Cerna. After the book was officially launched, by a quick, but excellent improvised speech by Freya Baetens, members of the LUC faculty were invited on stage for a panel discussion about teaching peace and way in a liberal arts college.

The 'Peace' panel

This panel discussion, led by Freya, led us to the next element of the Dies Natalis, namely the launch of the ICC multimedia exhibition: ‘Justice Matters’. The registrar of the ICC, Herman von Hebel, introduced the LUC students and staff to the role of the ICC, and why justice does indeed matter. For anyone who wants to see this multimedia exhibition, make sure to visit the Anna van Buerenplein sometime soon, because the exhibition will still be there on the 2nd floor!

The Fortuna Board 2012-2013

The Fortuna Board 2013-2014

It was then time for some common aspects of a Dies Natalis, namely the inauguration of the Fortuna Board and the awards for best teacher, best admissions essay, and best academic performance. The three present members of the old Fortuna Board, Miika Korja, who delivered a speech passing on the gavel to the new board, Georgina Kuipers, and Christine Everaars received their engraved LUC watches. Then the new Fortuna Board members were invited on stage, after which Christine, the chair, thanked the old board, and spoke with excitement about the coming year. She then also presented the LUC Best Teacher Award, which went out to Bríd Walsh! Sophie Starrenburg, who will be graduating this year, received the Dean’s Prize for Best Academic Performance. Normally at a Dies Natalis, the event ends with a performance of the LUC Choir, and so it happened this year as well. Congratulations to Anna-Liisa Springham for organising and leading the choir, who performed their Gospel Project, which sounded really good!

The Gospel Project performing

As Jos ended the Dies Natalis, ‘let’s go and grab a beer,’ the LUC students and staff went down to the 2nd floor, where the student bar would now officially be opened. The Evolucio board enjoyed a drink, but most of all, enjoyed the company of LUC staff and students, whilst celebrating three years of LUC. Cheers!