Alumni Spotlight: Tessel van der Putte about Life, Art, and Evolucio’s New Media & Communications Officer

This month’s alumni spotlight features Tessel van der Putte (class of 2016), who also happens to be our new Media and Communications Officer for Evolucio. Edward sat down with her to talk about what she’s been up in the past four years, and what she envisions for these spotlights going forward. If you are interested […]

Announcing the New Board of 2020

For the year 2020 the Evolucio board has seen both a shift in structure as well as size. Reflecting on our previous triple-Presidency model we realized that although the idea was great, it had several drawbacks that hindered the growth of our institution. We hope to address these by shifting to a more traditional board […]

Evolucio alumni board 2020

Do you care about LUC and alumni? Do you want to improve their relationship? For 2020 we are looking for  new board. Apply to one of the roles below:  President Coordinate strategy Evolucio. Preside over meetings with Evolucio board. Point of contact for meetings with LUC. Represent LUC in as many official alumni events as […]

Apply: Evolucio Board

DEADLINE: 28 November! The Evolucio Board is looking for a new President and Vice-President! From January 2019 on, the Evolucio Board will consist of three members, representing the interests of graduates of Leiden University College The Hague. There will be a President, Vice-President and Past-President (2019: Felipe van de Kerkhof). If you are interested, please […]

Evolucio Board 2015

Hi everyone! Hereby we would like to present ourselves to you as the new Evolucio Board. This year’s board will have a different structure then the previous boards. Therefore we would like to introduce ourselves and our positions to everyone. The Board of 2015 is comprised of six members, who have graduated in either 2013, […]

Call for Board Members

The Evolucio Board is looking for new board members! Evolucio aims to connect LUC’s graduates with each other and the college. Besides a new class of graduates, we will help celebrate LUC’s 5-year lustrum during the Lustrum Season (during the second half of 2015). We are looking for enthusiastic LUC alumni who would like to […]

2014 – Evolucio Board

Evolucio’s Board is the representative body of our alumni community. The board is committed to supporting the goals of Leiden University College, nurturing the connection between the college and the students, and in preparing LUC students and alumni to become the leaders of tomorrow. The Board of 2014 is comprised of nine members, who have […]

Call for Board members

The Evolucio Board is looking for new Board members! Evolucio aims to connect LUC’s graduates with each other and the college. On the 22nd of June 2014, Evolucio will celebrate its first Dies Natalis and enter into its second year of existence. We are looking forward to another year filled with alumni activities, creating and […]

Launch of Evolucio during LUC’s Graduation Ceremony

The LUC Alumni Foundation Evolucio was launched during the first graduation ceremony on Saturday 22nd June. Below is the speech that Hilde Woker, the Chair of Evolucio, performed during the graduation ceremony. Your Excellencies, honourable guests, LUC staff and students, and lastly, my dear fellow graduands, Today marks the day that the first cohort of LUC […]

2013 – The Founding Board

The founding board was comprised of five members, all of whom graduated in June 2013. The aim of this founding board was to contribute to a solid foundation for this organisation and keep LUC traditions alive.  Hilde Woker I’m Hilde Woker and I belong to the first cohort of Leiden University College The Hague Alumni, […]