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First London meet-up

Last Saturday May 6th, the first official LUC check-in took place in Shoreditch in London. LUC alumni from all years were present – some of them already part of the work force whereas others were still studying. The event was hosted by LUC representative dr. David Zetland (Assistant Professor in Economics at LUC The Hague) to have a drink, catch up with old friends, meet new people and learn about some of the developments of LUC.

UK Alumni Meeting 06-05-2017

Picture by Tessel van der Putte

Alumni network and international chapters
Through Evolucio the increasing number of LUC graduates are able to stay in touch with fellow LUC students from different generations, learn from each other’s experiences, and ask for advice when needed. This way you can benefit from the community long after you graduate. Next to organizing interesting events and lectures in The Hague, Evolucio is organizing different international LUC check-ins for graduates who are pursuing a career abroad.

The first of these international meet-ups was in London. A logical choice, as the British capital is a favoured destination for many graduates of LUC. Many of the LUC graduates started pursuing post-graduate degrees from some of the world-class universities in the city of London (LSE, King’s College, UCL) or started working there. Furthermore, London is also a logical choice as it is well connected with the rest of the UK and even the European continent (for now).

UK Alumni Meeting 06-05-2017_2

Picture by Tessel van der Putte

Save the Date: 6 May 2017 – London Gathering

Banner London_small

Please save the date for our first official alumni get-together in London!
We would like to invite all our alumni who are currently living in the UK to join us for drinks on the 6th of May.

LUC is hosting it’s first alumni gathering of the year, starting with London! Dr. David Zetland, Economics teacher and academic adviser at LUC, will be there representing Evolucio/LUC.

Join us for some nice drinks, and an opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet some new friends. We hope you can make it, receive an update on LUC news, learn about how to get involved in forming our London chapter, and be part of the first LUC reunion!

To register for the drinks reception, please sign up here.
After registration we will keep you up to date about the time and location of the event.

Winter Alumni Gathering

Dear LUC Alumni,

We would like to officially invite you all to LUC’s first  Winter Alumni Gathering! Join us and catch up with your fellow LUC graduates and LUC staff, learn more about the LUC developments, share your stories and enjoy a drink.


Date:           Saturday 17 December 2016
Time:           16.00 – 18.30
Location:    LUC The Hague, Anna van Buerenplein 301, The Hague

16.00 – 16.30    Welcome & Registration
16.30 – 16.50   Update by the College Board
16.50 – 17.10   Round table session on the alumni network: What can we do for you?
17.10 – 17.30   Share your story
17.30 – 18.30   Drinks @ Coasters (student bar)

We kindly request you to register for this event using our online form.
We hope to see many on the 17th!

If you don’t live in The Netherlands, but would still like to be connected and have some drinks with fellow LUC graduates abroad (e.g. in London or Berlin), please send an e-mail to and we will bring graduates in touch!

25th October 2014: Amazing Race

Amazing Picture

“Empires rise and fall, but nutcases live forever…”

Evolucio invites LUC’s alumni and third years to the Amazing Race on Saturday 25th October. Teams score points by completing hilarious and insane tasks throughout the city of The Hague. The crazier the feat, the bigger the reward. The group with the highest score takes home the eternal glory for winning the very first amazing race (and will be immortalized accordingly). Most importantly, fun comes first! After we have crowned the victors, the reunion continues with drinks at Plein.

Send a message stating your team’s name and composition (3-5 Alumni/students) to and we’ll see you the 25th! You can also sign up solo or with a friend by sending an email to the same address and we’ll find a team for you.

Location: The Hague

Time: 14:00- 20:00

Date: Saturday 25th October 2014

Watch the event page on Facebook to catch a glimpse of the assignments we have in store for you…

First Evolucio Reunion Event – 17th October 2013

Even though it has only been 4 months since we have graduated, visible things have changed at LUC, most prominently the new building. That’s why we started our first event with a tour of the brand new building at the Anna van Buerenplein. We were guided through the building by Rik and Boudewijn of the Fortuna Board and Aernout shared some of his personal ‘highlights’ such as the many white dots everywhere. During the tour a welcoming presentation was given by Christine, the new Chair of Fortuna, who showed us pictures and videos of the introduction week and the many (200!) new students. We ended the tour in the Common Room of Imane’s floor and enjoyed the amazing view. After the tour we headed to the Plein for drinks and were joined by staff and more alumni. Even though we recently graduated, we hope that these kind of events will be able to connect the graduates after LUC and we look forward to seeing you at future events!

First official event: Anna van Bueren Tour

Anna van Bueren

The 22nd of June is an important date for Leiden University College The Hague (LUC). On this day, the first group of LUC students graduated, but this date also represents the Dies Natalis of the Leiden University College Alumni Foundation, Evolucio.

The first Alumni event of the upcoming academic year will take place in the new building of LUC at the Anna van Buerenplein. The reception will not only be an opportunity to catch up with your fellow graduates, but also to celebrate LUC’s Dies Natalis (the 29th of September).  After a long summer and possibly one month of studying, this is the moment to share new experiences and holiday adventures with each other whilst enjoying some drinks and snacks. At the same time, this will also be the evening to reconnect with our beloved college. LUC students will provide tours around the new building (including, of course, the new domains of Astrid and Nashreen) and show you LUC life at the Anna van Buerenplein. Last, but definitely not least, we will look back on our graduation and three wonderful years at LUC.

In short, the Board of Evolucio would like to invite you to the first Alumni event of the academic year 2013-2014. Use your return ticket to LUC and catch up with your fellow graduates during our Alumni Reception on October 17th, 2013!