Alumni Blogs

Alumni Blogs

What? We invite alumni to author a blog article under the theme of Diversity and Inclusion (which can be a range of topics: gender, race, sexuality etc. in the shape of personal experiences, projects, research, work or other critical reflections) to spark an open and respectful debate, highlighting the different realities of our alumni, and—perhaps most of all—learn from each other!

Why? In this time and age, it is not enough to “not discriminate”—we must be actively against discrimination. We want to do this by having an open dialogue that reconciles past and present and includes ALL narratives. Evolucio wants to support the work of our alumni making the world a better, more just, and more inclusive place, and gladly gives her platform to these alumni!

How? We give each blog a platform on our website and promote it in our social media channels and in the alumni newsletter.


  • 800 – 2000 words
  • Your language needs to be respectful and inclusive. Any discriminatory language or opinions will not be accepted.
  • An editor will look at the final draft before its published, together with you.
  • If applicable, the blog needs end citations with a link to the source.
  • Add one or more suitable photos (to which you hold the copyright, or which is in the public domain) to your blog.
  • Evolucio reserves the final say regarding the publication of all blogs.


  • Notify the board ( by August 15th of the blog you want to be working on.
  • Send your contributions by September 15th to in word format.
  • Depending on the number of blogs written, the first will be published during LUC’s Lustrum (September 29th) after which they will appear sequentially.