2013 – The Founding Board

The founding board was comprised of five members, all of whom graduated in June 2013. The aim of this founding board was to contribute to a solid foundation for this organisation and keep LUC traditions alive.

Hilde Woker Hilde Woker

I’m Hilde Woker and I belong to the first cohort of Leiden University College The Hague Alumni, who graduated on June 22nd 2013. At LUC, I majored in Global Justice and completed a minor in World Politics. In 2013-2014, I will be doing a master’s degree in Public International Law at Leiden University, and will also hopefully be doing the Leiden Leadership Programme next year. I will always look back on my time at LUC and remember the great friendships I made, the very interesting courses I was able to take, and the small-scaled community of LUC. I really look forward to developing Evolucio into a thriving, flourishing foundation, that can keep the LUC family together, and promote LUC spirit all over the world.
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Eline Severijnen Eline Severijnen

My name is Eline Severijnen. I graduated from LUC, with a major in Global Justice, on the 22nd of June, 2013. I will continue to study at Leiden University, where I will start the Master’s Program in Public International Law in September. The past three years at LUC have been an amazing experience, filled with memories for a lifetime. Especially the spontaneous get-togethers in our common garden and Monday-evening dinners with a great group of friends are unforgettable moments. I hope that through the work of our Foundation, the strong community spirit of LUC will continue to exist among its alumni, even though we will all go our separate ways. I look forward to being closely involved in our alumni community and it is an honour to contribute to LUC and its future alumni generations through Evolucio.
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Georgina Kuipers Georgina Kuipers

I am Georgina Kuipers, a member of the Class of 2013. I majored in World Politics, which is why I happily accepted an offer to do a Research Master in Political Science and Public Administration at Leiden University, specializing in Public Administration. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at LUC, especially the possibility to help shape the college as a member of the Board of LUC’s Study Association Fortuna and as the student member of LUC’s Programme Board. LUC was my home for three years and I am looking forward to creating ways to stay connected to the amazing people I met there – and to all those other wonderful future alumni – through Evolucio.
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Fien van Rossum Fien van Rossum

My name is Fien van Rossum and I am honoured to be part of the Evolucio board as a student of LUC’s class of 2013, the first graduating cohort. At LUC I graduated with a major in International Development and a minor in Global Justice and I want to pursue further legal education with an LLM in international law and specialize in mediation. LUC is more than just an academic institution. Right from the start we have become a close community. My favourite memories of my three years at LUC include the Christmas parties, whether they were held in a museum or the common room, the Dies Natalis and most recently, the Dies Fatalis. The latter really demonstrated our close ties and as part of the new alumni foundation Evolucio I would like to create a platform which can support these ties even after we have left LUC, and provide tools that assist LUC alumni in their future career.
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Tamieck van Vuuren Tamieck van Vuuren

My name is Tamieck van Vuuren and as of June 22nd 2013 I will be one of LUC’s first alumni. During my time at LUC I majored in Global Justice and next year I will continue my studies with a program in international human rights law at the National University of Ireland, Galway. My favourite LUC memories would be the numerous festive occasions us students got to enjoy: Christmas committee parties, Dies Natalis celebrations, Finish Line parties and many more, but also the lively and open class discussions that characterize our college. I will remember my three years at LUC as being part of a happy, vibrant and tight-knit community that has taught me so much more than global challenges alone, and where I made friendships that I know will last a lifetime. All in all, I am delighted to be part of Evolucio’s first board and hope to not only promote close ties between students and alumni, but also to make sure the LUC spirit extends far beyond The Hague alone.
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