Launch of Evolucio during LUC’s Graduation Ceremony

The LUC Alumni Foundation Evolucio was launched during the first graduation ceremony on Saturday 22nd June. Below is the speech that Hilde Woker, the Chair of Evolucio, performed during the graduation ceremony.


Your Excellencies, honourable guests, LUC staff and students, and lastly, my dear fellow graduands,

Today marks the day that the first cohort of LUC students will graduate, and will thereby be relieved from their role as guinea pigs to the LUC experiment. Although it’s sometimes been a bumpy ride, the Class of 2013 has had the privilege of shaping LUC into this amazing, wonderful college. By doing so, LUC students have found a new family, a new group of people to grow up with, and share wonderful memories with. Over the past three years, these friendship and family ties have become stronger and stronger, but will now experience a change. For today marks the end of our LUC study experience. The 22nd of June will be remembered as your graduation day, the day you completed your undergraduate degree, the day you completed your studies at LUC.

However, today also signifies the start of a new LUC experience, namely that of being LUC alumni. When all of our graduands will have turned their tassels today, they will become the first alumni of LUC. Therefore, I would like to introduce the LUC Alumni Foundation, Evolucio. I would also like to formally introduce the first-ever board of Evolucio: Eline Severijnen, Charlotte Gabriel, Georgina Kuipers, Fien van Rossum, Boudewijn Vijfhuizen, and Tamieck van Vuuren, and myself as Chair.  As dedication to the Class of 2013, we have decided to pass the Articles of the Foundation today, meaning that the 22nd June will forever be our Dies Natalis. Evolucio aims at keeping the LUC family together, wherever you might be, and strengthening and maintaining those close ties we have with each other, but also with the college.


Last Thursday we already organised a lovely dinner at Het Heden for all graduating students. I would also hereby like to invite all future alumni to attend our first official event in 2013, namely on Friday 27th September, where we will host a tour of the new building at the Anna van Buerenplein, and have a mixer afterwards to catch up with everyone.

I know that many of you will be pursuing promising master degrees, internships and exciting gap years next year and in the future, but remember that LUC will always remain the place we once called home. We might be leaving LUC, but LUC will never leave us.

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