Graduation of the Class of 2013 ½

Even though it seemed a normal Wednesday afternoon in February, the first floor of the Anna van Buerenplein was filled with balloons, people dressed up LUC style and a few students running around nervously in gaps and gowns. Maybe this day was not like any other after all. It was the fifth of February 2014 to be precise, which marked both a finish line as well as a new beginning for six LUC students. During their own graduation ceremony, Raila, Daphne, Laura, Werner, Mandy and Veronica graduated from LUC and became the graduating Class of 2013 ½. DSC08842

The ceremony commenced with a warm welcome to the six students and their guests by the Dean of LUC, Prof. Dr. Jos Schaeken, after which the graduates’ tutors addressed them personally, reflecting on their dedication and hard work they have put into their studies throughout the past years at LUC. It was then time for the conferring of the degrees, and moving the tassle. DSC08847Christine Everaars, the Chair of Fortuna was also invited to say some words, during which she thanked the Class of 2013 ½ for helping build up this college, and Hilde Woker, the Chair of Evolucio who officially welcomed the graduates into the LUC Alumni family. The ceremony ended with the traditional throwing of the gaps, but celebrations continued during the reception afterwards (which also turned into a small alumni reunion).
As said before, this day represented both an end and a new beginning. With a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences these six graduates have finished their LUC education and – hopefully – an inspiring and incredible period of their lives. Post-LUC life has now begun and new adventures await them. We wish our newest members of the LUC Alumni community all the best for the future and hope to see them very soon at alumni events.



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