2014 – Evolucio Board

Evolucio’s Board is the representative body of our alumni community. The board is committed to supporting the goals of Leiden University College, nurturing the connection between the college and the students, and in preparing LUC students and alumni to become the leaders of tomorrow.

The Board of 2014 is comprised of nine members, who have graduated in either 2013 or 2014. The aim of the current board is to build upon the efforts of the past year, to establish new ideas and to keep the LUC spirit alive.

We would hereby like to present the Evolucio Board of 2014:


Christine Everaars Christine Everaars

Hello everyone! My name is Christine Everaars and I graduated in June 2014, after three beautiful years at LUC. As a major, I’ve chosen sustainability, combined with a minor of Entrepreneurship. This has lead me to apply for a (first) masters’ programme in Entrepreneurship in the Dutch capital Amsterdam. After this, I would like to have a career in sustainable management. Besides teaching me what I (might) want to do in life, LUC has taught me to enjoy the little things. My best memories are probably not the big parties, although I love dressing up. The friendships and great late-night discussions are great to look back at and relive when I meet LUC students and alumni. This is also something I would also like to see in Evolucio events: to combine education and great lectures with socializing the LUC way. I hope to see you all at our events.

Contact Christine via: christineeveraars[at]evolucio.nl

Danny Damen Danny Damen

Danny Damen, reporting for duty. I was allowed to call the halls of LUC ‘home’ for the past four years, pursuing a degree with the World Politics major. The Hague will be my port of call for at least another year as I will join fellow LUC alumni in the Crisis & Security Management master program at Leiden University. The choice for this was quite easy, as it allows me to continue where I left off in the RNLAF, but in the trenches of academia instead of combat zones across the world. My prolonged time at LUC has been many things, but certainly not boring. From celebrating New Year’s in (or rather on) places we shouldn’t be to attending 9 AM classes straight after pulling an all-nighter player Guitar Hero with friends (apologies if we ever kept you awake!). Evolucio is more than just a connection and getting drinks here, there, and everywhere (although this definitely is important!). I hope Evolucio will present you with interesting events this year that will keep us close to academia, but that are also more personal than a plain lecture.

Contact Danny via: dannydamen[at]evolucio.nl

Eline Severijnen Eline Severijnen

My name is Eline Severijnen and I am a member of the Class of 2013. I will obtain my LL.M. degree in Public International Law from Leiden University this summer and start an MSc programme in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies at the London School of Economics and Political Science in September. In London, I will continue my work as Evolucio board member to ensure the London-based alumni stay connected with each other and LUC. I look forward to being closely involved in our alumni community yet another year and it is an honour to contribute to LUC and its future alumni generations through Evolucio.

Contact Eline via: elineseverijnen[at]evolucio.nl

Georgina Kuipers Georgina Kuipers

I am Georgina Kuipers, a member of the Class of 2013. I majored in World Politics, which is why I happily accepted an offer to do a Research Master in Political Science and Public Administration at Leiden University, specializing in Public Administration. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at LUC, especially the possibility to help shape the college as a member of the Board of LUC’s Study Association Fortuna and as the student member of LUC’s Programme Board. LUC was my home for three years and I am looking forward to creating ways to stay connected to the amazing people I met there – and to all those other wonderful future alumni – through Evolucio.

Contact Georgina via: georginakuipers[at]evolucio.nl

Hilde Woker Hilde Woker

Hei, jeg heter Hilde. Hyggelig å møte deg! Hi, my name is Hilde Woker. Pleased to meet you! I belong to the first cohort of Leiden University College The Hague Alumni, who graduated on June 22nd 2013. At LUC, I majored in Global Justice and completed a minor in World Politics. Over the past year, I completed a master’s degree in Public International Law at Leiden University, in addition to the Leiden Leadership Programme. This year, I am studying Law of the Sea at the word’s northernmost university in Tromsø (Northern Norway). I will always look back on my time at LUC and remember the great friendships I made, the very interesting courses I was able to take, and the small-scaled community of LUC. I really look forward to developing Evolucio into a thriving, flourishing community, that can keep the LUC family together, and promote LUC spirit all over the world.

Contact Hilde via: hildewoker[at]evolucio.nl

Jake van Baarsel Jake van Baarsel

My name is Jake van Baarsel, or more commonly known as Jake van Geyser, and was a student in the LUC graduating class of 2014. At LUC, I majored in World Politics and minored in Entrepreneurship. My fondest memories at LUC consist of having a good time with the students around me, whether it be sharing stories about past experiences, or partying at Club Van Geyser. Post-LUC, I am planning on getting some work experience before doing an MBA somewhere abroad, but of course how everything will turn out eventually remains to be seen.

Contact Jake via: jakevanbaarsel[at]evolucio.nl

Luc van der Stegen Luc van der Stegen

My name is Luc van der Stegen and I am the Class Representative of the Class of 2014. During my time at LUC I majored in World Politics and this coming year I will be doing some internships to supplement my theoretical knowledge from LUC with some practical experience. One of the things I liked most during my years at LUC was being involved in the Dies Fatalis as well as being part of the Fortuna Board of 2012-2013. I enjoyed the LUC community and hope to be able to continue to be part of it as an alumnus. Within Evolucio I hope to be able to help our expanding body of alumni to take shape and help each other wherever we might end up.

Contact Luc via: lucvanderstegen[at]evolucio.nl

Odette Vriese Odette Vriese

My name is Odette Vriese and I graduated from LUC on the 28th of June 2014 with a Major in World Politics. Next year, I will continue to study at Leiden University, starting in September with the Master’s program Public Administration with a specialisation in Public Management. I enjoyed my past three years at LUC and its student community. Favourite memories include having dinner with amazing friends and the first two incredible Dies Fatalis events. In between course work and capstone, I slowly started to realise how in one semester our time at LUC would be over. Since LUC is such a close community and I have made many friends here in the last three years, I find it important to stay connected with my fellow graduates, but also with the alumni of the class of 2013 and the alumni to come. Therefore I joined Evolucio, to organise events which will bring together our alumni, continue on the foundations made last year and to help build a thriving community for the future.

Contact Odette via: odettevriese[at]evolucio.nl

Pieter Goethart Pieter Goethart

How you doing? You can call me PJ, 啤酒,Pedro, Pietro, Petrus, Piotr or whatever alternative your language has for Pieter. As part of the first cohort, the OG Class of 2013, I graduated in the Summer of 2013. My major looked at World Politics and my minor at International Law. Last February I started with the MSc in Political Science at Leiden University and I plan to graduate in December of 2014. The past years have allowed me to meet an immense variety of incredible, beautiful and hilarious people that have studied, partied and bonded at LUC and I want to ensure that crowd continues to form a community for decades to come. As such Evolucio intends to return the favor to those that have made our experience in The Hague so amazing.

Contact Pieter via: pietergoethart[at]evolucio.nl

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