Where in the World: Lennart Hoedemakers, Class of 2014

As can be seen from our map, LUC alumni can be found all over the world. Today’s post was written by Lennart Hoedemakers, World Politics Major, Class of 2014.


Hi all,

My time at LUC, occupied with a major in World Politics and a minor in International Development, left me unsure as to what I wanted to do next. I had gotten increasingly interested in the economic development of countries, and specifically the role of multinational companies in this. I wanted to experience how and why the private sector appears to be so much more efficient in the attainment of their goals as compared to the often bureaucratic approach of many international organizations and institutions. Thus I ended up doing an internship at the Heineken Africa and Middle East department.

After a training period at the HQ in Amsterdam, and several visits to Kenya, I went to the main location of my assignment – Juba, South Sudan. My assignment here consists of several elements: my main task is to conduct a Trade Census, which is a survey of the beverage market in South Sudan. With this data it is possible to create a perfect picture of the number of outlets and the volumes of the market, allowing Heineken to adapt their strategy vis-a-vis the South Sudanese market. Similarly I am looking into the supply-chain and logistics of the South Sudanese market, and also assess what factors influence consumers here. Finally I’m actively involved in the organization of several Heineken events surrounding the Champions league this spring.


I honestly couldn’t have wished for a better internship; I have been given insight in the operations of Heineken International, in the process hiring, training and managing a team of 12 South Sudanese. Moreover, I have the independence to make localized decisions, while enjoying the supervision, support and resources of Heineken International. All in all, I’m very glad to have been given this opportunity, and don’t think I could have been learning more in any other possible way.

Regards from Juba,

Lennart Hoedemakers
‘Project Leader Trade Census – Heineken in Juba, South Sudan’




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  • Cynthia

    Ik ben op zoek naar Lennart Hoedemakers ivm een begrafenis aankomende donderdag. Wie o wie kan mij helpen aan zijn adres of telefoonnr?

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