Call for Board Members

The Evolucio Board is looking for new board members!

Evolucio aims to connect LUC’s graduates with each other and the college. Besides a new class of graduates, we will help celebrate LUC’s 5-year lustrum during the Lustrum Season (during the second half of 2015).

We are looking for enthusiastic LUC alumni who would like to join our team, and who want to contribute to the important relationship between LUC and its alumni. The Evolucio board consists of the following members:

  • Coordinator, who oversees the board, organizes the meetings and keeps in touch with LUC;
  • 2 Events coordinators, who plan and execute the events (including a big Lustrum festivity and of course the yearly graduation dinner);
  • 2 Online coordinators, who put together the newsletter and make sure to stay in touch with alumni on social media and our website.

We would like to determine the optimal allocation of functions during and after the application process, based on the applicants’ interests. An Evolucio Board position would take up to 2-3 hours a week (this may vary from week to week depending on the workload). We are a young and growing community, so we are looking for alumni who would like to contribute to its development and help come up with new ideas!

If you’re interested in helping out with a specific event, or would like to be a contact person at your location (e.g. London, Paris), we’d love to hear from you too! We’re planning on having Evolucio Ambassadors, much like LUC’s student ambassadors, to spread the LUC spirit.

To apply for a position in the Evolucio Board, please send an email to, with a short statement of motivation (max 200 words) and your CV before the 12th of July 2015. We will then select applications for a short interview. If you have any questions, feel free to email that address as well.


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