Welcome to the alumni community, Class of 2015!

The Graduation of the Class of 2015 took place on Friday the 3rd of July at the Koninklijke Schouwburg in The Hague. Below is the speech that Christine Everaars, board member of Evolucio, performed during the ceremony.

Good afternoon all! 

A bit less than five years ago, LUC courses started at Lange Voorhout, with only a small amount of students and professors. The first two years were fun, but LUC was still in baby shoes. In september 2012, you guys joined and made LUC to one whole, with students in all stages of the programme. 

Since that time, a lot has changed for you. Let’s start with the most obvious change, which the class representative also mentioned: moving from Lange Voorhout to the Anna van Buerenplein. From one beautiful characteristic building, to the also beautiful but definitely less characteristic one. You guys changed this. With your committee, college and other activities you gave colour to this building. Even though AvB did not always become more beautiful after your parties, it definitely became more characteristic… 

But there was more; you moved from being introduction week ducklings, to introduction week mommies and daddies, and eventually to those who didn’t really care about introduction week (except for the BBQ, of course). You changed from being first, to second to third years (some of you even fourth years). From being newbies to experts.

Just a few minutes ago, another thing has changed: You just moved from LUC to our alumni society, Evolucio. Because even though you leave LUC, that does not mean that LUC leaves you: that is one thing that does not change. Together, we want to stay connected online and offline, and we hope to see you on many of our events. 

To show that life after LUC is also full of choices, options and changes, we have compiled a short video of alumni life. Enjoy and welcome to the alumni community!


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