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We received a lot of important ‘room for improvement working points’ in the Alumni Feedback Sessions at the first Alumni Winter Gathering last December. One of the most immediate concerns, was to the need to introduce a way to stay in touch with old and connect with new alumni online. To subscribe to the professional  nature of the alumni network as well as to address privacy concerns, we were explicitly advised to not use Facebook.

Taking all of these comments into account, we decided to build on LUC’s already existing ‘infrastructure’ on LinkedIn. Even though we’re obviously still improving things as they come, we think LinkedIn is the right tool to build a great Alumni network together. Here’s an overview of how we can use it:

  • Please add Leiden University College The Hague under education so you will show up on the alumni page of LUC. This way LUC can more easily connect with the alumni, and the alumni can connect amongst themselves (we’re working on getting our the LUC The Hague logo there. Strangely enough, this is not as easy as you might think)
  • Ask to become a member of the Evolucio – LUC The Hague alumni group on LinkedIn. This group can be used to ask other alumni for advice or exchange job openings or interesting events. At the moment, about a third of the LUC alumni is already in this group.
  • Follow the Leiden University College The Hague Company page to receive updates on LUC.

Comments and suggestions on how to improve our online activity are welcome and appreciated. Please send an e-mail to



One thought on “LUC The Hague on LinkedIn

  • David Zetland

    Remember that LUC is a *different* educational organisation from Leiden University. Make sure that your BSc/BA comes from the right school!

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