Results Evolucio Winter Gathering

An important step in the development of LUC is staying in touch with you, our alumni. To centralize these efforts, Annemieke van Ast (LUC Recruitment and Communication), David Zetland (Assistant Professor of Economics) and Felipe van de Kerkhof (LUC The Hague Class of 2016) are now working on further developing Evolucio. The first of the new Evolucio 2.0 events was organized on December 17th of last year, it was great seeing so many of you again!

The alumni were welcomed by Lieke Schreel (Educational Director), who’s been involved with LUC from the start. Everyone was then invited to participate in focus groups to talk about their expectations of the alumni network and their experiences after leaving LUC.

In general you stressed you wanted to have the opportunity to continue learning and meeting up with your LUC peers, both formally and informally and in different alumni chapters in big LUC hubs (like London, Edinburgh, Berlin). In the meetings it became clear that the alumni expected LUC to take the lead in setting up these kind of events.

The alumni enjoyed receiving the newsletters and alumni spotlights. Furthermore, it was mentioned that you would like to be kept up to date about special achievements of professors and students, and be introduced to new staff members. Long story short: you want to be kept up to date with what was going on at LUC.

Finally, it was stressed you would love to see some sort of infrastructure in place where you can ask each other for advice, share experiences, and communicate job openings with each other.

We appreciate your feedback and have taken a few first steps towards meeting your wishes:

  • The first UK alumni event will take place on the 6th of May in London. Read more…
  • The alumni newsletter will be sent out every two months (with an occassional special edition in between)
  • On the 19th of April we are organising an alumni panel session about Capstone Experiences to bring LUC alumni and current students together. Read more…
  • The LUC LinkedIn network is being improved and now offers new opportunities for LUC alumni to connect. Read more…

To stay connected with alumni university wide, check out the Leiden University Mentor Network.

Please find an overview of Evolucios Workchart below:

Alumni Infographic

Download full size PDF

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