Alumni Meet Up The Hague – 4 November

Last Saturday (4 November) almost 100 LUC alumni returned to the campus at the Anna van Buerenplein in The Hague for the big autumn Alumni Meet up. They were welcomed by Dean Prof. dr. Judi Mesman, who emphasized the role alumni will play in the future of LUC. “From January on LUC will have more alumni than current students. This means you have an increasingly important voice in the LUC community.”

Different (professional) sessions
After this general welcome, the alumni broke up into four different sessions to share experiences and learn from each other. The session on ‘Sustainability in the real world’, chaired by LUC’s Assistant Professor of Economics dr. David Zetland, brought together different alumni working in sustainability related sectors. Overall, they were happy with the academic rigorousness of the LUC programme, but with their professional experience in mind pointed at potential areas to further improve: for example, understanding the psychology of behaviour, which is helpful to get ideas implemented.

Small session on Development in the 21st century, Chaired by Felipe van de Kerkhof (Class of ’16)

The session on ‘development work in the 21st century’ had a diverse group of people from different walks of life: some were still studying Developmental studies, while others had recently returned from work experiences for NGOs in Asia or at Ministries dealing with development. These different experiences really allowed for different perspectives on development. Graduates from several majors (academic specializations) ended up in similar fields, allowing them to look at problems from different angles.

Lieke Schreel, LUC’s Educational Director who chaired the session on Education after LUC, was very happy with the results of her discussion: “the discussion was very good and I was happy to see so many people return to LUC. Alumni who had recently graduated were really eager to learn from the students who had graduated earlier and all alumni gave good feedback on how we can further improve the programme.”

LUC Scholarship
Finally, LUC’s Operational Manager discussed in small groups different ways to develop the LUC scholarship fund. She commented on her experiences: “it’s so wonderful to see how much our alumni are still involved with LUC. These people really care about the college and want it to succeed. I received some wonderful ideas to work with and will include our alumni whenever possible.”

After the different sessions, the alumni joined each other for a borrel at LUC’s very own student bar.



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