Class of 2013 Lustrum Reunion



It has already been five years since the first LUC diplomas were awarded in a festive ceremony in the town hall of The Hague. On 27 June, this group of ‘LUC pioneers’ returned to Restaurant Instock in The Hague for their first five-year reunion at Instock restaurant. Yet the star of the evening was newborn ‘Puck’, a real LUC baby.


Following a short welcome by Felipe van de Kerkhof (Evolucio President, Class of 2016), the highlight of the evening was a touching and revealing speech by Class Representative and former Chair of student association Fortuna, Limo Baroud.

After a ‘reflection period’ of five years, Limo wished to set the record straight for a number of memorable events. Limo’s vivid story-telling included a sentiment of nostalgia, but sparked even more joy and laughter amongst his classmates. He was very grateful to his classmates for having embarked upon an adventure together, namely being part of LUC’s first cohort—an adventure that led to friendships for college and beyond.



Felipe said on the event, “I am really glad to see how excited everyone is to see each other again. The Class of 2013 truly is a remarkable and important part of the history of LUC. It’s good to connect them back with each other, and LUC. Hopefully, we can make these events part of the LUC Alumni calendar in the future.”

Overall, it was a very successful event. Thanks for coming and we hope to welcome the Class of 2013 in another five years (or before at one of the Alumni events!)


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