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DEADLINE: 28 November!

The Evolucio Board is looking for a new President and Vice-President!

From January 2019 on, the Evolucio Board will consist of three members, representing the interests of graduates of Leiden University College The Hague.

There will be a President, Vice-President and Past-President (2019: Felipe van de Kerkhof).

If you are interested, please apply through the following link.

What does the board do?

Evolucio is there to represent the interest of the graduates of LUC. This basically means: coordination of activities and types of events with LUC Alumni office, official representation of alumni and trying to improve the LUC life (for students and alumni). To ensure consistency and to make sure that you can actually achieve something meaningful and lasting while a member of the board, you will be appointed for three years. You start as Vice-President, then President and finally you get to guard your legacy as Past-President. The selection committee changes every year, so we get a board that truly reflects the interests of the alumni in LUC.

A Themed Presidency

As an independent organisation for and by LUC alumni, the Evolucio board is in the unique position to pursue specific goals for the alumni community, LUC students and the future of the college. As this is an important aspect of the nomination procedure, each new boardmember will start their Presidency with a specific goal in mind to work on during that year.

Themes of the Evolucio board(have) include(d):

  • Getting Evolucio started again (role of alumni in LUC community)
  • Promoting socio-economic diversity at LUC (role of alumni with scholarships)
  • Connecting Evolucio (how to best connect expertises of alumni with each other)


Selection procedure:

A varying selection committee will nominate a boardmember based on their motivation, previous experiences (in- and outside of LUC), and envisioned theme of their Presidency. Please declare your candidacy through this link (or the one at the beginning of this page, it’s the same!)



  • I’m a busy person, does Evolucio take up a lot of time?

No, most likely not. In the past, LUC alumni was completely run by students which took up a lot of their time. In this new system, the Evolucio board is smaller and takes on a more passive role in organizing events. You will meet (most likely through Skype) with the LUC Alumni Office every other months for a quick coordination meeting. How you fill the rest of your time on the EvolucioBoard is up to you. 

  • I don’t live in the Netherlands (or not for the entire three years), is that a problem?

No, this is not a problem. Our community is international and we strive to reflect that. It is long known that Skype is our best friend. 

  • I am not sure if I want to be appointed for three years. Put differently: I don’t even know live I’ll be next week, let alone three years from now. Is this a problem?

No, this is not a problem. We are all young and change plans all the time. The way the Evolucio system is now structured warrants minimal time investments, so that it can always be done on the side. Fellow boardmembers will be able to step in if need be. 




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