Class of 2014: Five Years On!

On the 25th of May 2019, the Class of 2014 reunited at Instock in The Hague, nearly five years after graduating. Some of them took the invitation as an excuse to come together for more than just the evening, and in little groups they arrived at the restaurant. Joining about a quarter of the Class were a few of the early staff members, eager to reminisce the days of Lange Voorhout, de Klok and Stamkartstraat. Many current students might not have heard of these places, but AvB hasn’t always been LUC’s home base.

The group quickly warmed up, and between the networking and catching up brought back many stories of parties in de Klok, that one class that somehow only started at 8 30 PM (!) and of course, Karaoke with professors. It was great to see the diverse paths taken by students, with some going into the workforce straight away, while others were not done pursuing academic honours. Most importantly though, the LUC sentiment of togetherness and belonging was felt throughout the night.

All in all it was a successful event, and before the night was over, the first plans were made to organize yearly meetups, as well as keep in touch more often.


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