Announcing the New Board of 2020

For the year 2020 the Evolucio board has seen both a shift in structure as well as size. Reflecting on our previous triple-Presidency model we realized that although the idea was great, it had several drawbacks that hindered the growth of our institution. We hope to address these by shifting to a more traditional board structure.

With a change in board structure, we have said goodbye to the re-founder of Evolucio, Felipe van de Kerkhof. We thank Flip for his tireless efforts and endless enthusiasm for the alumni community, and with him all the best with his future endeavours, expecting regular updates at our events.

The two other members of our 2019 board remain, with Liza L. taking the position of Events Coordinator in the new board structure, and Edward van der Hout assuming the position of chair.

Our new board members are:

Jonas Le Thierry (Class of 2017, right) as our Central Hubs Coordinator. Jonas is currently finishing up his Master’s degree in Urban Development Planning in London, and has a secondary role as London Hub Coordinator.


Regarding his new position, Jonas says:

“After establishing itself as a tangent between LUC and its alumni, we now seek to work together with LUC to develop sustainable mechanisms of connection. Evolucio has the potential to offer a unique platform for LUC to stay connected with its alumni. I look forward to contributing to this ambition as its International Hubs Manager, by rekindling its connections abroad and generating added value within this network defined by our shared and unique LUC-identity.”

The other new member on the board is Reinout Huizer (Class of 2016). Reinout is currently doing a Rijkstraineeship at the Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Reinout Huizer, Evolucio's Lustrum Coordinator

Regarding his new position, Reinout says:

“Being able to attend the pantomime or the Dies Fatalis are great opportunities to relive the LUC experience and are events that bring back those special memories. The alumni diner before the Dies Fatalis 2019 was lots of fun and gave alumni a special place in the program, which they really appreciated. I feel that more of these types of events should be organized. I believe that the 10-year lustrum of LUC is the perfect opportunity to cherish the experiences of alumni and to give them a special place in the celebrations. It is a great chance to look back on LUC’s past, but also to look ahead and see the number of Evolucio members continue to grow.”

For the final position of Head Media Coordinator, we are still in search of an enthusiastic member. Are you or do you know someone that’s interested in writing stories about our Alumni, and would you like to work with us? To apply directly, or get more information, message Edward on LinkedIn, send us an e-mail at or fill in the contact form.

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