Evolucio is Looking to Expand!

Would you like to help alumni connect across the globe? Are you passionate about communications? Then we have got just the roles for you! Evolucio is currently looking for new hub representatives (in a number of cities!) and for a new communications officer. 

Hub Representatives: 

If you live in an alumni “hotspot” outside of the Netherlands and would like to help the LUC alumni community connect in your current city/region, we are looking for you! 

As a hub representative, you would get to help organize events in your hub (online for now / or conforming with Covid regulations in each hub), set up and manage the WhatsApp group of your hub, meet up online with other hub representatives and the Hubs Board Member on a bi-monthly basis (to discuss planning of events, as well as to exchange ideas and experiences), and help promote general Evolucio events within your hub. You can expect about 6 to 8 hours of work a month for this role. 

We are currently looking for new chairs for the existing hubs in Geneva and London. We would also like to open new hubs in Barcelona/Madrid, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Lund/Stockholm, US West Coast, SA/Capetown/Joburg, Nairobi, Australia/Sydney/Melbourne, Singapore, and South America (no specific location yet) – or anywhere else where there are at least a handful of alumni (we warmly welcome suggestions!!!). 

If you are interested to be a hub representative for Geneva or London, or you want to set up your own, please send us an email to hubs@evolucio.nl or DM us on Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn. 

Communications Officer: 

Are you an excellent communicator, like to conduct interviews, and want to help bring the alumni community closer together? As a new communications officer (and board member) of Evolucio, this is precisely what you would get to do! 

The role entails conducting and writing Evolucio’s Alumni Spotlight interviews with former students, keeping our website up to date, and helping other board members and LUC itself promote their news and events to alumni. This role includes a variety of storytelling, web development and social media tasks – and it allows you to get in direct touch with alumni! You can expect about 12 hours of work a month for this role and will be working directly with another Communications Officer. 

You can apply for the role by sending an e-mail to communication@evolucio.nl. Just tell us who you are, when you graduated, and very briefly outline why you are interested in the position. The application is open until June 15th

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