Join the Evolucio Board ’22!

The Evolucio board is preparing for the new year! Our current chairperson, Edward van der Hout, will pass the torch to Maxime Boumans after 3 years of service on the board. This means that we currently have a vacancy for Maxime’s current position on the board: Hubs Manager!

Our Hubs Manager extends the reach of the LUC community beyond  The Hague by coordinating projects, ideas and events with different people. This role focuses on keeping in touch with our international hub coordinators and helping them organize communication and, if possible, events. Expect about 6 to 8 hours of work a month.

Are you interested in helping alumni find one another around the globe? Apply now by sending an e-mail to We ask applicants to tell us briefly who they are and when they graduated, and why they are interested in the position. No need for long essays, we just want to hear what makes want to join us. Of course, do let us know if you have any questions!

The applications are open until Dec. 15th, after which we will call with all applicants to decide on the new board member.

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