Teach at LUC Winter Academy!

A group of engaged alumni have been working on a new initiative at LUC: Winter Academy, which will run between 24 and 28 January 2022. Alumni of LUC are invited to return to LUC to offer mini-courses to current students. Students can pay a voluntary fee on a sliding scale, and the proceeds raised will go to the LUC Fund (which supports low-income students at LUC). The premise is that alumni leave LUC and learn lots of really cool and important things, but there aren’t all that many opportunities for them to share their knowledge with current students. We think that’s a pity, so we’re organising the LUC Winter Academy for the very first time.

We’re asking alumni who are interested in teaching a course to send us a pitch by 1 December. As this is the first time the Winter Academy will run, we don’t have many hard requirements for the format or content of the courses. Courses can vary in length from a one-day masterclass to a week-long seminar. Alumni who would like to teach in pairs, or teach in a panel, are very welcome. You can propose (partly) online classes, though our aim is to have the bulk of the teaching happen in person, at LUC.

The requirements that we do have are as follows. By 1 December, 23:59, please send Ailish (a.m.lalor@umail.leidenuniv.nl) a 200-word pitch for the course you would like to teach. Tell us how long it would be, how you’d like to teach it, and why it matters. You can include readings you might assign, or a list of activities you want to do during your course. But the main things that we want to see are that you’ve thought about what you want to teach, and that it’s something LUC students could benefit from learning.

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