Alumni Speeddating event @ LUC

Are you interested in meeting and guiding current LUC students in a fun, informal setting? LUC’s Career Committee is organising an Alumni Speed-dating event, whereby approximately 10 alumni are welcome to interact and answer burning questions from LUC students.

The alumni will be seated individually with their profile (major, graduating class, current profession, etc.) displayed at their table. Registered students will be able to spend 5 minutes per alumnus and ask questions based on their profile (which will also be circulated beforehand), before moving on to the next alumnus. There will also be conversation prompts displayed on the projector in each classroom to inspire fruitful conversations between students and alumni.

10 students can participate per round, which means each round will last 50 minutes at the most. We will consider holding a maximum of 2 rounds; the entire event will come under two hours.

Depending on the coronavirus regulations, the event will be conducted in-person at the LUC campus in late February or early March. It will most likely be held in the afternoon on a weekday, so that participants can socialise and have drinks at Coasters afterwards. The exact date and time will be communicated at a later stage.

Interested alumni can sign-up using this link:

Please contact for more details and

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