A guide to alumni life

Dear class of 2022, welcome to the alumni community! Whether you’re taking a break or looking for a job or Master’s programme, Evolucio is there for you. Of course we always keep you posted on this website about the latest alumni news and upcoming events, but there’s also some other ways you can connect with your fellow alumni.

Register with us

First things first: please leave your contact details with us so we know how to reach you! If you want, you can also register here for our speakers pool to tell more about your job/study at LUC events. https://forms.gle/Xep5ZzHNorwShvfY7

Join an alumni hub near you

Moving to a new city or country can be quite the challenge, but Evolucio has got you covered with several alumni hubs around the world. Looking for housing or a job? Want to grab a drink in your new hometown or just reconnect with old friends? There’s always alumni near you. Should you be in another location with other alumni who are eager to reconnect, please reach out to Christine Nikander, our Hubs Coordinator, who will help get you up to speed.

Social media communities

Evolucio has active groups on Facebook and Linkedin for alumni to share vacancies, networking tips and events.

Follow us

For Evolucio and LUC-related news, you can also follow our pages.

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