Inspire the Students

On November 23rd and December 7th, we’re organizing our yearly Inspire the Students event in collaboration with the Fortuna Careers Committee. The idea of the event is for students and alumni to meet (either online or offline), mingle, and talk about what happens once one leaves the bubble.

If you haven’t attended before, Inspire the Students is an event where alumni provide perspectives to current students about their possible futures. The format in which this is done is flexible; you’re welcome to talk about your job or industry in particular, you can bring a friend (or let us match you) for a panel, or you can pick a specific lesson that you would like to dive into. The key here is to talk about the things you wish you knew when you were at LUC. Past themes include: “Public vs. Private Sector”, “How to pick your Master’s”, “Gap Year – yay or nay?”, “Starting Something: Basics of Entrepreneurship” and many others.

Both days have two timeslots: 17:15-18:00, and 18:10-18:55. You are welcome to sign up for one timeslot or more. We will end the day with a borrel at Coasters. Interested to join the event? Let us know by sending us an email (communication[at]evolucio[dot]nl) and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with some practical info.

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