So You’ve Just Graduated, What’s Next?

Just because you’ve graduated doesn’t mean that you lose access to Leiden University’s resources and support. Here are three resources you should know about:

The Career Zone

The Career Zone is Leiden’s one-stop shop for all things related to internship and job preparation. Crucially, it and the career services are available to alumni up to one year after graduation.

Get guidance on how to write the perfect application, create the best LinkedIn profile, and find vacancies all on one page!


TRAIL is the dedicated internship page for the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs. Not only can students and alumni use it to search for vacancies, but organisations can also use the platform to approach students directly.

All you need is access to a umail to sign up!

Leiden’s Mentor Network

Leiden University has over 100,000 alumni working around the world in diverse fields. The mentor network was designed to connect older alumni with younger alumni and current students. You can sign up as either a mentor or mentee, and use the platform to ask questions on graduate programmes, internships, first jobs, working visits, and more.

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