Where in the World: Fabian Kemps Verhage, Class of 2013

As can be seen from our map, LUC alumni can be found all over the world. Today’s post was written by Fabian Kemps Verhage, Sustainability Major, Class of 2013.   “Life is what happens to you, while you’re busy making other plans.” I remember reading this quote three months ago, and thinking: “It’s not true. I […]

Graduation of the Class of 2013 ½

Even though it seemed a normal Wednesday afternoon in February, the first floor of the Anna van Buerenplein was filled with balloons, people dressed up LUC style and a few students running around nervously in gaps and gowns. Maybe this day was not like any other after all. It was the fifth of February 2014 […]

Where in the World: Caspar Plomp, Class of 2013

As can be seen from our map, LUC alumni can be found all over the world. Today’s post was written by Caspar Plomp, Global Justice Major, Class of 2013.   As the cold has definitely found its way to Geneva and the snow has descended from faraway mountains, I find that my first of four […]

Grand Opening Anna van Bueren building

Although LUC’s new Anna van Bueren building had been in use since August, it had yet to be officially opened LUC-style – sushi, confetti, unlimited drinks… All should sound familiar to alumni. Thus, around 16 o’clock on Thursday the 31st of October, 400 guests gathered at the (still) impeccably white building, the new permanent home […]

First Evolucio Reunion Event – 17th October 2013

Even though it has only been 4 months since we have graduated, visible things have changed at LUC, most prominently the new building. That’s why we started our first event with a tour of the brand new building at the Anna van Buerenplein. We were guided through the building by Rik and Boudewijn of the […]

LUC’s third Dies Natalis

The Board of Evolucio was very honoured to have been invited to the third Dies Natalis of Leiden University College. This year, it was celebrated two days prior to the actual event, as the 29th of September falls on a Sunday. Students, staff, and special guests gathered in an informal setting, in LUC’s own auditorium […]

Launch of Evolucio during LUC’s Graduation Ceremony

The LUC Alumni Foundation Evolucio was launched during the first graduation ceremony on Saturday 22nd June. Below is the speech that Hilde Woker, the Chair of Evolucio, performed during the graduation ceremony. Your Excellencies, honourable guests, LUC staff and students, and lastly, my dear fellow graduands, Today marks the day that the first cohort of LUC […]

The Graduation Ceremony

It all started three years ago in the college lounge at the Lange Voorhout 44 on a rainy Monday morning in September with the introduction week for the first ever Leiden University College (LUC) students: this day marked the commencement of our bachelor studies. For some, however, it feels like this introduction week took place […]

First official event: Anna van Bueren Tour

The 22nd of June is an important date for Leiden University College The Hague (LUC). On this day, the first group of LUC students graduated, but this date also represents the Dies Natalis of the Leiden University College Alumni Foundation, Evolucio. The first Alumni event of the upcoming academic year will take place in the […]