Alumni Spotlight: Jasmin Cantzler on Combining Policy and Sustainability

Evolucio, the LUC Alumni Association, sat down with Jasmin Cantzler, Governance Major from the Class of 2013 to talk about life after college and her work. This is part of a larger series of “portraits” of Alumni. Want to be featured, have questions for Jasmin, or about alumni in general? Do not hesitate to reach […]

Invitation Inspire the Students 2019

Inspire the Students Inspire the Students is LUC’s annual Student-Alumni event where current LUC students have the opportunity to learn from our growing alumni base’s experiences after graduation with regard to internships, master programmes, and careers.   Crossing Borders This year’s event will be centered around a phenomenon LUC students are all too familiar with: […]

Class of 2014: Five Years On!

On the 25th of May 2019, the Class of 2014 reunited at Instock in The Hague, nearly five years after graduating. Some of them took the invitation as an excuse to come together for more than just the evening, and in little groups they arrived at the restaurant. Joining about a quarter of the Class […]

Christine Everaars on working in Sustainability

We sat down with Christine Everaars, Fortuna Chair of the year 2013-2014 and one of the earliest Sustainability Majors, to talk about life after college and working with sustainability. This is part of a larger series of “portraits” of Alumni. Want to be featured, or have questions about alumni? Do not hesitate to reach out to […]

Jarre Middeljans in the land of Brexit

Before coming to LUC, many students dream of a career in international diplomacy. And why wouldn’t they? The life of a diplomat is portrayed as fast-paced and glamorous. You get to live in exciting countries, learn about new cultures, meet interesting people and you might receive gifts every once in a while (a goat anyone?). […]

Evolucio board 2019

New board We are happy to announce that we have formed a new Evolucio board for 2019! The new board will be formed by President Līza L. (Class of 2015), Vice-President Edward van der Hout (Class of 2017), and Past-President Felipe van de Kerkhof (Class of 2016). This means that from 1 January 2019 the […]

Apply: Evolucio Board

DEADLINE: 28 November! The Evolucio Board is looking for a new President and Vice-President! From January 2019 on, the Evolucio Board will consist of three members, representing the interests of graduates of Leiden University College The Hague. There will be a President, Vice-President and Past-President (2019: Felipe van de Kerkhof). If you are interested, please […]

Class of 2013 Lustrum Reunion

  It has already been five years since the first LUC diplomas were awarded in a festive ceremony in the town hall of The Hague. On 27 June, this group of ‘LUC pioneers’ returned to Restaurant Instock in The Hague for their first five-year reunion at Instock restaurant. Yet the star of the evening was […]

Alumni Meet Up The Hague – 4 November

Last Saturday (4 November) almost 100 LUC alumni returned to the campus at the Anna van Buerenplein in The Hague for the big autumn Alumni Meet up. They were welcomed by Dean Prof. dr. Judi Mesman, who emphasized the role alumni will play in the future of LUC. “From January on LUC will have more alumni […]