Alumni Spotlight: Nadine van der Voorde on behavioral science and her first novel

Name: Nadine van der Voorde Year: 2018 Major: Global Public Health Currently: Behavioral scientist and author Did you know? During her studies, Nadine worked in a special day care center for people with intellectual disabilities We are talking today to Nadine van der Voorde, a class of 2018 alumna who majored in Global Public Health. […]

Alumni Spotlight: Ben Kogan on disrupting the plastic industry

Name: Ben Kogan Year: 2014  Major: Combined major in Policy Science and Sustainability Currently: Head of Sustainability and Policy at Cove Did you know? Growing up in the French Pyrenees, Ben has been obsessed with nature from a young age Lone: Hi Ben, thanks for taking the time to chat with us! You graduated from […]

Alumni Spotlight: Laila Tara H on pursuing a life as an artist

Name: Laila Tara H Year: 2016  Major: World Politics Currently: Artist Did you know? Her works are exhibited in London, Paris and New York Athéna: Today, I am sitting with Laila Tara H, who graduated in 2016 in World Politics. She is now a painter exhibiting her art in London, Paris and NY. So Laila, […]

Alumni Spotlight: Felipe Moscoso Cruz on launching “Nerdish”, a data-driven delivery restaurant

Name: Felipe Moscoso Cruz Year: 2018  Major: Earth, Energy and Sustainability  Currently: Founder of Nerdish Athéna: Today we are talking with Felipe who graduated in 2018 in Earth, Energy and Sustainability. What have you been up to since you graduated? Felipe: I majored in sustainability and I unofficially minored in computer science. After LUC, I […]

Alumni Spotlight: Cristina Abellan on lobbying and public affairs

Name: Cristina Abellan Year: 2019 1/2 Major: World Politics & International Justice Currently: Associate at Kreab Brussels Did you know? Was secretary of Fortuna Lone: Hi Cristina, thank you for making time for us today to share your story! You graduated from LUC in 2019, where you did a double major in International Justice and […]

Alumni Spotlight: Thomas Cytrynowicz on photography and film-making

Name: Thomas Cytrynowicz Year: 2016  Major: World Politics  Currently: Co-founder & Director of Jugaad Did you know? Won an international photo competition Athéna: Today we have the chance to sit with Thomas, who graduated in 2016 in World Politics. Can you tell us a bit more about what you’ve been up to since you graduated? […]

Alumni Spotlight: Marina Muñoz del Valle on her journey in Humanitarian Assistance and Migration

Name: Marina del Valle Munoz Year: 2018  Major: World Politics  Currently: Camp Coordination and Camp Management Reporting, Monitoring & Evaluation Officer at the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Athéna: Hello Marina and thanking you for sitting with us today! For the ones who don’t know Marina, she graduated in 2018 in World Politics and is […]

Alumni Spotlight: Willem Zents on social data science

Name: Willem Zents Year: 2019 Major: GED  Currently: Analyst at Bumble Athéna: Today we’re sitting with Willem who graduated in 2019 in GED and will take some time to reflect on his journey. So what have you been up to since you graduated?  Willem: After I graduated, I interned at NIBC Bank, a corporate and […]

Alumni Spotlight:
Sara Kemppainen on entrepreneurship and setting up your non-profit organisation

Name: Sara Kemppainen Year: 2020  Major: GED  Currently: Master’s in Public Policy, New Digital Technologies & Public Policy at SciencesPo Athéna: Hello Sara and thank you for taking the time to share with us your story. For the ones that don’t know Sara, she graduated in 2020 in GED and has an interest in tech-related […]