Class of 2014: Five Years On!

On the 25th of May 2019, the Class of 2014 reunited at Instock in The Hague, nearly five years after graduating. Some of them took the invitation as an excuse to come together for more than just the evening, and in little groups they arrived at the restaurant. Joining about a quarter of the Class […]

Alumni Meet Up The Hague – 4 November

Last Saturday (4 November) almost 100 LUC alumni returned to the campus at the Anna van Buerenplein in The Hague for the big autumn Alumni Meet up. They were welcomed by Dean Prof. dr. Judi Mesman, who emphasized the role alumni will play in the future of LUC. “From January on LUC will have more alumni […]

First London meet-up

Last Saturday May 6th, the first official LUC check-in took place in Shoreditch in London. LUC alumni from all years were present – some of them already part of the work force whereas others were still studying. The event was hosted by LUC representative dr. David Zetland (Assistant Professor in Economics at LUC The Hague) […]

Save the Date: 6 May 2017 – London Gathering

Please save the date for our first official alumni get-together in London! We would like to invite all our alumni who are currently living in the UK to join us for drinks on the 6th of May. LUC is hosting it’s first alumni gathering of the year, starting with London! Dr. David Zetland, Economics teacher […]

Winter Alumni Gathering

Dear LUC Alumni, We would like to officially invite you all to LUC’s first  Winter Alumni Gathering! Join us and catch up with your fellow LUC graduates and LUC staff, learn more about the LUC developments, share your stories and enjoy a drink. Date:           Saturday 17 December 2016 Time:           16.00 – 18.30 Location:    LUC The Hague, […]

25th October 2014: Amazing Race

“Empires rise and fall, but nutcases live forever…” Evolucio invites LUC’s alumni and third years to the Amazing Race on Saturday 25th October. Teams score points by completing hilarious and insane tasks throughout the city of The Hague. The crazier the feat, the bigger the reward. The group with the highest score takes home the […]

First Evolucio Reunion Event – 17th October 2013

Even though it has only been 4 months since we have graduated, visible things have changed at LUC, most prominently the new building. That’s why we started our first event with a tour of the brand new building at the Anna van Buerenplein. We were guided through the building by Rik and Boudewijn of the […]

First official event: Anna van Bueren Tour

The 22nd of June is an important date for Leiden University College The Hague (LUC). On this day, the first group of LUC students graduated, but this date also represents the Dies Natalis of the Leiden University College Alumni Foundation, Evolucio. The first Alumni event of the upcoming academic year will take place in the […]